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Class Descriptions
ATB Abs, Thighs & Butt. What more could you want! An aerobic based class filled with concentrating on these three areas. ATB includes fat burning & toning.
BOX-FIT Box-fit is a circuit class using boxing bags, speedballs, reflex balls & gym equipment. Improves fitness & is a great full body workout!
BOX 30 30 min express boxing class! You could be using focus pads, kick shields or punching bags.
CARDIO ATTACK Ideal aerobic high/low impact workout that burns fat & calories fast! Loads of fun with motivating music & a variety of aerobic styles.
CIRCUIT Similar to Box-fit, circuit is a full body workout using different equipment for improving fitness & toning, great to lead up to Box-Fit.
EXTREME FIT Aims to challenge you & your fitness level. Every session is new, different & limit testing. Anything goes, so your body never gets bored & you never know what's coming. Test yourself, see how you measure up!
GROUP KICK An aerobic kicking & punching routine that will get the heart rate up & tone the body, great to get any frustration out!
GROUP STEP A fantastic aerobic fat burning class with particular emphasis on toning the thighs & calves! This is a great class to get your heart rate up & burn calories.
HIIT 30 Stands for High Intensity Interval Training, short intense workouts, great for getting fit & burning fat.
PILATES A complete core workout! Pilates promotes abdominal strength & stability, while helping strengthen the lower back & pelvic floor muscles
SPIN This is an efficient, high energy cycle class. It’s a non impact cardio work out with special emphasis on calorie burning & toning the lower body.
SPIN 30 30 min high energy cycle class, great cardio low impact workout. Get in done in half the time!
TONE 30 30 min express conditioning & strength training class, great for toning up!
TONE UP Tone up incorporates conditioning & strength training using a wide range of equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells & fitballs. Exercises that will tone the entire body!
YOGA A gentle, full body workout using stretching, relaxation and yoga techniques to increase flexibility & strength. Great for anybody.
All classes can cater for any fitness level, if you have any questions or injuries just chat to the instructor at the start of the class. Please bring a drink bottle & towel when you attend the gym.